SILVERYACHTS operates out of the world-class Australian Marine Complex (AMC) in Fremantle, Western Australia. An impressive team of over 250 progressive and highly qualified professionals’ works in unison on yacht projects, with every step of the production process housed under one roof. Built in 2005, SILVERYACHTS’ state-of-the-art shipyard facilities cover over 6,000 sqm and are home to two building halls, a fit-out hall, an interiors division, design offices and workshop spaces. The yard benefits from the advanced infrastructure of the AMC site, which includes an 8065-tonne lift that is able to lift yachts of up to 140 m in length.

Building only in aluminium, the yard has a specialist team of metal workers on site who are masters in the use of this material. With a yacht’s paintwork and finish such an important aspect of the build, the team also includes paint and fairing specialists. Investment into the interiors division has included skilled leatherworkers, cabinetmakers and upholsterers. The yard prides itself on the quality of its workers: Australians are known for their love of the sea and of yachting, and the dedication of SILVERYACHTS’ passionate team is reflected in every yacht built. Every piece of work that leaves SILVERYACHTS’ facility must pass the muster of extraordinarily high construction standards.


Aluminum Fabrication

One of the most difficult metals to work with due to a high risk of distortion, aluminium requires a highly skilled team of metalworkers. The longitudinal panels have to be cut slightly longer to compensate for shrinkage in this process. Weight optimization is achieved through specially designed insert plates integrated in certain hull and superstructure plate fields for precise treatment of pre-determined stress points, ensuring strength exists where required whilst weight is kept to a minimum .

SILVERYACHTS fabrication team work closely on a daily basis with the yards Naval Architects and Exterior Designers to ensure the highest build quality and closest construction tolerances whilst optimizing the strength and weight of the vessel. The hull team executes precision welds to reduce the amount of fairing required which ultimately minimizes overall weight for increased speed and efficiency of the yacht.



SILVERYACHTS strives for and delivers only the highest standard in performance, quality, reliability and serviceability for all engineering systems. Engineering systems are completely designed in house to the exacting requirements specified by our Client as well as meeting or exceeding Classification Societies rules and Flag Administration safety regulations.

Precision manufacture and installation of all equipment and supporting systems is ensured by way of the full modeling and detailed designs provided by our in-house design team. SILVERYACHTS only use the highest quality machinery, equipment and materials throughout, all of which are supplied by the best brands in the industry and supported in service globally.

The heart of the vessel, the engine room is spacious and open. Here, as with every aspect of the yacht, the finish is pristine. Service access is plentiful, with wide walkways and high ceilings, and there are clear views from the engineer’s control room. Behind every lining and in every void, the same high level of skilled engineering workmanship and installation will be found.



SILVERYACHTS in-house Electrical department provide for all production, installation and commissioning requirements of each new build project. Working closely with SILVERYACHTS Electrical Design Engineers, every aspect of the vessels primary and emergency power supply and distribution, navigation and communications systems, fire and safety monitoring systems as well as entertainment systems are integrated seamlessly.

The main switchboard, all distribution boards and cable looms throughout the vessel are manufactured in-house to SILVERYACHTS exacting specifications using only the best, world leading and system brands for total quality and in-service piece of mind.


Interior Outfit

The work of highly skilled craftsmen and women, each SILVERYACHTS interior has its own character and is beautifully styled to create a perfectly balanced and visually stunning result. Look closely at a SILVERYACHTS interior and you will see exquisite detailing and perfect finish of even the smallest elements. To help achieve the goal of a yacht that is truly economical and fast in the water, lightweight luxury aviation materials are used wherever possible.

With a bespoke handcrafted approach, SILVERYACHTS achieves the highest level of quality and execution of the finer details. The team puts great emphasis on handmade work and skilled craftsmanship and sees the undertaking of all work in house as the greatest form of quality control. Each bespoke vessel interior is detail designed and built by the yard’s own specialised design technicians and craftsmen, who are never satisfied with anything less than the most exemplary standards of work and individually hand select all special materials and finishes.


Exterior outfit

Every aspect of a SILVERYACHT exterior is carefully studied, detailed and considered in the same way the interior spaces are laid out. Precise 3D design drawings are masterfully translated by SILVERYACHTS exterior craftsmen who manufacture and install each vessel’s exterior cabinetry, bulwark lockers, overhead ceiling linings and carefully hand crafted teak deck coverings.

Every aspect of the exterior deck spaces are understood and optimized both from a Guest experience perspective and a Crew operational perspective by ensuring every detail is beautiful aesthetically whilst providing excellence in functionality and ease of maintenance.



With a yacht’s paintwork and finish such an important aspect of the build, the team also includes paint and fairing specialists.

Flawless external paint finishes are testament to the build accuracy and SILVERYACHTS’ highly skilled Fairing and Painting team. Every square inch of the exterior painted surfaces are carefully and painstakingly cleaned, prepared, faired and painted in a nine stage system by our in-house team, using only the best materials and techniques available within the industry. As testament to SILVERYACHTS’ paint process and high level of finish, it is already being used as a reference quality standard for other world class projects abroad.

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