Constantly innovating

Constantly innovating, the SILVERYACHTS team is always looking to the future to ensure their yachts benefit from the fast acceleration of developing technologies. The yard invests significant time and money into its research and development team to ensure it is at the forefront of every new technology and process. Consistently testing and improving every structural element ensures that each build is as advanced as possible and the perfect balance between passenger comfort, speed and efficiency is achieved. From the outset, SILVERYACHTS spared no effort in the quest to use the most up-to-date design and manufacturing tools available. Build processes are always monitored and updated if necessary.

Hull Design

A breakthrough superyacht is founded on a breakthrough hull.

SILVERYACHTS focuses on cutting edge performance in their yacht hull forms. Extensive research has been conducted into a wide range of hulls, and their performance analysed using the latest computational fluid dynamics computer software. With the ideal hull selected, a scale model is tested using the world’s top tank testing facilities. This stage allows the SILVERYACHTS team to analyse and optimise the hull design, thus delivering an exceptional hull to their exacting standards. Use of both computational fluid dynamics and tank testing gives crucial insight into the flow form around the yacht and leads to the best on-water results possible. This work helps ensure that SILVERYACHTS hulls are thoroughly optimised for powering, fuel consumption and sea keeping. As advanced systems are not limited to on-board the yachts, the yard team makes use of their own product data management (PDM) system. This sophisticated software allows every member of the build team, wherever they are on site, to access the latest 3D models and build specifications.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Optimise every aspect of a design

The in-house design and naval architect teams use a customised Finite Element Analysis (FEA) system to optimise every aspect of a design. This FEA system allows them to keep yacht weight low while also maximising structural integrity and is an essential tool for large-scale aluminium design. A major focus for the yard has always been passenger safety, and the yard has skilled team members specialising in this field.